Bringing the good times to a diamond near you.

Trying to break last year’s home run record? In it for the drinks after the game? Either way, we have a league of great people just like you! We know Softball is all about getting out and having a great time. For this reason, we offer different divisions, each representing a different level of competitiveness.
Play on some of the best diamonds in the area while the Comeback team takes care of the umpires, scheduling and more! Play in your very own team shirts with the music pumping and great people to cool off with post-game.


Coed and Men's Softball goes on break after our Late Summer season. We will have ONE last event of the 2021 year, our Halloween Coed Softball Tournament on Saturday, October 9th! Check under Events for registration! Regular leagues resume in late March/early April in 2022 and registration opens in January!

Schedules & Standings

(253) 201-6110. The rain out line is typically updated around 3pm-4pm. If Comeback Sports gets word from the maintenance staff prior to that time, we will email a rainout earlier.

Our Teams

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How to play Comeback Softball


Coed softball rules and regulations are used in conjunction with Comeback Sports Adult Softball League Rules and with ASA (Amateur Softball Association) Slow-pitch softball rules and regulations, as interpreted by Comeback Umpires.

Game Rules

  • Games are to last no longer than 1 hour and 10 minutes
  • 7 inning games will be played unless game exceeds allotted game time.
  • 10 run maximum per inning (except in the last inning of play as declared by the umpire)
  • A game that is called off by a referee after 4 innings of play (due to weather conditions or other circumstances) will be considered a regulation game.
Each team:
  • May have up to 15 players on their team roster (additional players will be charged an allotted registration fee)
  • Will consist of 10 players in the field, everyone bats
  • Must field a minimum of 4 players of each gender
  • Need to have 8 players present to avoid an official forfeit
  • Will show up at least 10 minutes prior to the start of their game
  • Shall supply 2 base coaches, one at first and another at third base in order to help retrieve foul balls as well as provide base coaching
  • May play down 1 player at 6 men / 3 women or down 2 players at 5 men / 3 women. But may not play down 2 players at 6 men / 2 women
  • All players must be at least 18 years of age by their first game
  • NO Alcohol is permitted at any Comeback League Games.
  • Game Balls are provided for each game: Softballs are 12" NSA approved, 44 core, 400 compression.
  • Pitching Masks are required. If your pitcher does not have one, no worries, your umpire will have one that you can borrow!
  • Bats are not provided. Bat Requirements: all bats must be either ASA or USSSA approved. No senior bats or altered bats are allowed.
  • Gloves are not provided.
  • NO Metal cleats are allowed.


From Men’s to Coed Leagues, Comeback Sports has one of the largest Softball Leagues in the State! This means that we have a league for how competitive you want to get. Did we mention that we have leagues on just about every night of the week? Yep.


Comeback Sports Umpires undergo both on the field and classroom training. This training takes place before, during, and after the season. Comeback Umpires also know how to make games fun and encourage the Comeback Atmosphere.


Softball is your sport: it’s supposed to be fun. Comeback Sports Softball Leagues are competitive and fun. It’s about the smell of cut grass, a great group of people, and swinging the bat on a Summer Night. Skill Divisions for the seasoned team to the first time softballer! Let’s Play Ball!

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