Comeback Pickleball gets the blood flowing in another socially distanced yet socially interactive sport!

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Pickleball goes on break during the Fall/Winter months. We will be back in Spring '22 in May. We play on Sunday's at Vassault for our league and teams are just 2 players, so easy to form! The season is 5 season games and potential playoffs. We will open registration in March.

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How to play Comeback Golf


Comeback social golf is played in a two person scramble format and is well-suited for the novice players as well as seasoned veterans of the game.

Game Rules

  • 2 person scramble format.
  • Play against a different team each week.
  • Tee off from the furthest tee.
  • Play the ball from the best position as chosen by your two person team. Both players hit from that spot.
  • You must play the ball within 6 inches of its original position, not nearer the hole.
  • Each team member must use at least three tee shots during the nine holes.
  • Maximum score per hole is 8.
  • Hit your drive. In a two-person scramble, each person hits from the tee. The team then chooses the best of the two drives (remember you must use at least 3 or your partners tee offs). The players move to the position of the better drive for the team’s next shot.
  • Continue using the same format for each shot. Both players hit their second shots from the spot of the selected drive. The team chooses the best second shot, and then both players hit their third strokes from the position of the preferred second shot.
  • Putt using the same format. When your ball and/or your teammate’s ball is on the green, pick the ball closest to the pin, or the ball in the easiest putting position. Both players will putt from that position. Continue until one team member sinks the putt. The hole is over after one of the balls in in the hole, so you must mark your ball and allow your partner to putt!
  • Submit team score after you’re done playing!

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